Semalt Reveals The Most Common Myths About SEO

Despite the evidences of increasing importance of SEO are convincing, some website owners still refrain from using SEO for traffic optimization. However, various researches claim that two crucial things that business should have are an organic presence and visitor traffic.

The leading expert of Semalt Digital Services, Artem Abgarian reveals the most common myths associated with SEO.

1. Volatility

The industry is rapidly evolving, resulting from frequent algorithm updates. Most of the updates for algorithms happen daily. However, most of the changes do not affect the performance of a website as they mainly consist of minor tweaks that may not have any visible effect.

2. Complicated Techniques

Some of the aspects of SEO are too technical which sometimes affect optimization and the website build. Though, most of the SEO work focuses on strict marketing activities such as finding keywords, creating relevant content, monitoring rankings, and evaluating traffic.

3. Inefficiency

People believe that the applicability of SEO does not exist in the market due to the constant developments made on the algorithms and other changes. The notion is not true as a substantial amount of traffic emanates from SEO. Reading dedicated SEO publication such as the Search Engine Journal helps update business owners and makes them aware of what is still relevant.

4. Long-term Perspective

It takes some time to build rankings and establish a website's presence online which is an irrefutable fact. SEO, nevertheless, is steady, and will always bring results as long as the website is fully optimized.

5. Unpredictability

Due to the volatility of SEO, people believe that it is unreliable. There is no direct control over ranking or traffic unlike in PCC. Nevertheless, on optimizing a website to its maximum SEO potential, there is a minimum possibility of experiencing problems.

6. Expensiveness

Achieving the best results requires an investment of money, time and other resources. SEO is not free but is relatively cheaper than other paid advertising channels such as PPC, or purchasing traffic using other methods.

7. Website's Changes

It is indeed true that SEO requires companies to make a few changes on their website. Sometimes, it may take a few tweaks, whereas in others, redesigning the entire website in totality to achieve full potential. Any of the changes suggested are key to achieving SEO objectives.

Today, all companies are facing an increased importance of search traffic. Customers make use of search engines to find products, services, vendors, and information. Ignoring the need to position the business in search results may lead potential traffic to competitors so that will influence business in a negative way.